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We are thrilled to introduce you to one of our India institutes’ graduates, Pastor Velpula Ebenezer, who is working in interior area of Andhra Pradesh.  He shared his report to me.  I will leave it in his native language in order to maintain the authenticity of message.    He is writing to another one of our graduates, Pastor Abraham, who helps Bro Jaison coordinate with these graduates.    Their work is amazing.   They truly reach communities that would otherwise go unreached.   Please enjoy getting to know this servant of God ….

Praise God  Abraham Sir,

First of all I thank God for RHEMA Ministry who is helping us through the faithful sevant Pastor Jaison and U. Last month three baptism took place and I am very happy to see the harvest. The name of four members are:

  1. Balavva,
  2. shivamma,
  3. manjula,
  4. shiva,

After quite long period they decided to follow the Lord. They are from Hindu background. Not only we started two more house churches around 20 people is to attend the services.  Last month me and my wife visited in Jail to share the love of Christ and next month we are planing to conduct a small gospel meetings in different villages. Me and my church members are decided to go personal door to door evengelism.keep in prayer. Thank you for all your help.God bless you.


Pastor ebenezer


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