An Eternal Investment


Making a difference in the uttermost parts

During 57 years of ministry and 22 years in this work of global evangelism and leadership training, I have heard hundreds of comments about giving to missions.

“I want my money going to where there is evangelistic fruit.”

“I love children and want my gifts going to change the lives of hurting children.”

“I want to be a part of rebuilding and restoring lives when there is a disaster.”

“The very poor need the provision that my gift can provide.”

“The greatest need is to reach the unsaved.”

“I want to plant and build churches where there are no churches.”

“The need is to provide education for the slum children in impoverished areas.”

“I want to provide medical help for those who have no other way to receive it.”

“We need to provide funding for crusades, literature and media to reach the lost.”

and the comments go on and on. . .

I am one of those guys who want to do it all. It has taken me a long time to realize that’s impossible . . .or is it?

Twenty-two years ago, God gave us the strategy that will result in all of these accomplishments for the Kingdom of God. We call it the R.H.E.M.A. Institute and it is working. With the strategic cooperation of our board, teachers, national partners, and prayer warriors and with YOUR INVESTMENT, we are training and supporting an army of national church planters, pastors, evangelists, church leaders, Bible teachers, youth leaders, children’s workers, women’s leaders, and a host of others. Now our graduates number more than 7000 in India, Nepal, Central America, Africa and South America.  New invitations are coming in from China, Belarus,
W. Africa, and Bangladesh.

Your investment is required to respond to the open doors we have now. Over the next 12 months, we will need $250,000 to respond to these requests. It currently requires approximately $3000 to train and plant a man of God to strategically make a difference in a very dark part of the world.

I cannot imagine any investment more fruitful and eternal than this one. It is a lot of bang for your missions buck.

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