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Come with us

There is nothing like the experience of serving for a week in missions.   The impact you will make to others will be immeasurable, and the experience will be something that will transform your own life.

We have several mission trips planned for this year and would love for you to go with us and participate.  Take a look at the schedule.   Contact us by email or telephone if you would be interested to learn more about how you can join us.


EL SALVADOR,   April 23-29

Needed :  preachers, singers, puppets, medical personnel, women’s ministry, youth workers, teachers, personal counselors.

 ROMANIA,    May 6-14          

Needed – preachers, puppets, medical personnel (Dr.Especially) children’s workers personal counselors.

 NICARAGUA,    July 9-15        

Needed – preachers, medical, puppets, women’s teachers, personal counselors , musicians.

 INDIA,    Aug 26-Sept 9    

Needed –   pastors and teachers

INDIA,    October 11-21  

Needed –   pastors and teachers

 NICARAGUA,    November 12-18

Needed – preachers, medical, puppets, women’s leadersYouth workers, musicians, personal counselors.

 ISRAEL,    December 5-14                      

This will be a first class tour of the Holy Land with a Christian guide and include a night on the Dead Sea.

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