The goal of the R.H.E.M.A. Institutes is to train an army of pastors, church planters and spiritual leaders to win the lost, disciple believers and plant churches in places that are unreached and without men of God that are equipped to lead. II Timothy 2:2 provides the thrust for this strategy. This cannot be accomplished with brief Bible conferences. The men who need this training cannot afford to go to a school for 2-3 years. Thus God has given us this strategy of providing a two year course in ten weeks. This plan gives these men the foundation to begin a life-long ministry of effective leadership.

Our basic curriculum is the ten courses provided by the Bible Training Center For Pastors in Atlanta, GA. It was written by Dennis Mock. We add supplemental material along with a beautiful study Bible and this provides a beginning library for these men of God.

God has raised up excellent, equipped and effective teachers to communicate these truths and principles to our students. These courses include . ..

HERMENEUTICS  –  Since these men have limited education, it is essential that they know how to study and interpret Scripture.


OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY – To have an effective understanding of the Gospel and sharing Biblical Truths, our students are taught the importance of the Old Testament foundation.btcp-cover-2

NEW TESTAMENT SURVEY – This survey of the New Testament enables the students so examine the Life of the Lord Jesus, investigate the principles that turned the world upside down in the Book of Acts, learn the Biblical truths set forth in the Epistles and become familiar with a premillennial, pre-tribulation,dispensational view of the Revelation.


PASTORAL MINISTRY – Men who build great New Testament Churches are men who know the importance of providing compassionate pastoral care for their people.


HOMILETICS – Our graduates have been taught the importance of excellently communicating Biblical messages. We teach them how to prepare and deliver expositional messages from the Word of God.



SURVEY OF BIBLE DOCTRINE – the men of God who attend the Institute will go out with a basic understanding of systematic theology. It will be a poor church planter and pastor if he does not understand the basic doctrines of the church.


PERSONAL SPIRITUAL LIFE – One of the most important courses in the Institute is to strengthen the personal spiritual, devotional and prayer life of the man of God. The man of God cannot effectively lead the church if he is not spiritually strong himself.


TEACHING PRINCIPLES AND METHODS – The man of God must be “apt to teach.” The pastor is set forth in Scripture to be the “didaskolos.” This means he is able to teach and train disciples in the building of the church.


MISSIONS, EVANGELISM AND DISCIPLESHIP – Often two weeks of our training are devoted to these principles. After all, this the essence of the Great Commission. We offer special training on how to share the Gospel with the particular culture and religion of the country where the institute is being conducted.


CHURCH PLANTING – Our students are given very specific training on planting churches in the culture of their country. These church planting principles are based on the teaching of the Book of Acts.


CONFERENCE WEEK – The final week of the Institute features several outstanding men of God who bring it all together for a solid week of preaching and teaching on subjects like Prayer, Prophecy, Marriage and Family, and other pertinent subjects to the needs of the students.

It is our prayer that these men will be equipped to plant, encourage, and grow New Testament churches that will make a dynamic difference in their culture. These courses will be the FOUNDATION of the greatest church planting movement in the history of the Church.


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