The value of partnership in missions

By Jackson Herrod | August 29, 2016

THE VALUE OF PARTNERSHIP IN MISSIONS At R.H.E.M.A. we value the strategic involvement of cherished friends whose specialties in ministry strengthen what we do to train national pastors to plant churches and do the work of evangelism in the countries where we serve. We have discovered that we can accomplish far more together than we can alone. “Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not easily […]

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A Modern Missions Miracle

By Jackson Herrod | July 29, 2016

India is experiencing a modern missions miracle. . .and it is all about the heroic young men who are giving their lives to share the Gospel, plant churches, build social ministries and develop new disciples. We now have more than 7200 graduates of the R.H.E.M.A. Institute and more than 5000 of them are in India. These outstanding men of God are my heroes. They are changing their culture one soul and one community at a […]

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Pastors start Christian schools

By Jackson Herrod | March 24, 2016

Children who are stuck in the lower social levels of India have a near impossible chance of gaining the education they need to break generational poverty and improve their families’ lives.   The only way for them to get an education is to have outside help.  Help from someone they trust and can understand.   This is the importance of RHEMA graduates. The caste system as it stands today in India is a complex system […]

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Come With Us

By Jackson Herrod | March 9, 2016

There is nothing like the experience of serving for a week in missions.   The impact you will make to others will be immeasurable, and the experience will be something that will transform your own life. We have several mission trips planned for this year and would love for you to go with us and participate.  Take a look at the schedule.   Contact us by email or telephone if you would be interested to […]

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By Jackson Herrod | March 2, 2016

Did you hear about the west Texas farmer who had to sell a large part of his land because he couldn’t get any water. He drilled and drilled again and again. All he could get was oil. We laugh about that but there are times when water is the need. We have heard of the problem lately in Flint, Michigan and the contaminated water supply. People there have to use bottled drinking water because the […]

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By Jackson Herrod | February 19, 2016

Could you imagine going to church and being fearful of your life just because of your beliefs?   The height of worry for most of us, as we attend church on a Sunday morning, are thoughts that typically repeat every Sunday.   What will be for lunch? Will church get out on time?   Who will win the game?   Maybe our thoughts are filled with worry for something going in with family, job, or finances.   It is safe […]

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Upcoming missions

By Jackson Herrod | February 14, 2016

In 2016 there are a lot of adventures to get involved in. The most exciting part is that YOU can be an international MISSIONARY in the new year. R.H.E.M.A. has taken several thousand volunteers throughout the world in more than 20 nations to be personally involved in missions. 2016 could be YOUR time! Consider these exciting opportunities. April 23-29 in El Salvador May 7-15 in Romania and a visit to Budapest. June 20-30 in Israel […]

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Pastor Velpula Ebenezer

By Jackson Herrod | February 2, 2016

We are thrilled to introduce you to one of our India institutes’ graduates, Pastor Velpula Ebenezer, who is working in interior area of Andhra Pradesh.  He shared his report to me.  I will leave it in his native language in order to maintain the authenticity of message.    He is writing to another one of our graduates, Pastor Abraham, who helps Bro Jaison coordinate with these graduates.    Their work is amazing.   They truly […]

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RHEMA Graduate Pastor Hegan

By Joseph Herrod | January 18, 2016

Walk with Pastor Hegan, a graduate of the RHEMA Insttitutes in Goa, India, as he discusses his ministry to the community of Pasco de Gama, India.  His ministries include a school, sewing classes for women, pastoring a church, and clinic ministry.  Amazing life.  Video by Joseph Herrod.    

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We are reaching further in 2016

By Joseph Herrod | December 6, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!! Our 21st year, 2016 will include 6 Institutes and 5 evangelistic projects in other countries. Please pray for these ministries and consider being personally involved in one or more of these projects. El Salvador April 23-29 Romania May 7-15 Nicaragua July 9-15 India Aug 26-Sept 10 Nicaragua November 12-18 The decision by the International Mission Board to reduce our missions force by 600-800 is tragic but necessary. It also reminds us […]

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