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Children who are stuck in the lower social levels of India have a near impossible chance of gaining the education they need to break generational poverty and improve their families’ lives.   The only way for them to get an education is to have outside help.  Help from someone they trust and can understand.   This is the importance of RHEMA graduates.

The caste system as it stands today in India is a complex system of social stratification with a very complicated history. It is mostly a Hindu system but other religions participate in it including some groups of Christians. In some cases, it is tied in with the Hindu belief in reincarnation. Where this is believed, a person must stay contentedly in their caste and they believe they will be reincarnated in higher caste in a later life. This is a simple explanation of a very complex part of the Indian culture.

The Dalits are the lowest class and considered by most in India as being “untouchable.” It is this class that makes up the population of the many slums of India. THE ONLY WAY TO BREAK THIS TRAGIC CYCLE OF POVERTY AND BONDAGE IS TO PROVIDE EDUCATION FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE SLUMS.

Our R.H.E.M.A. Institutes train our pastors not only to plant churches but to serve their communities in ways to make a profound difference in the culture of India.  Many of our graduates have many ministries including caring for thousands of abandoned children.

One of our graduates, Moncy Daniel is making sure the children in the slums of Delhi are able to get an education and receive Bible training as well.  He is able to give the children the needed school uniforms and provide the tuition for the local school.  He gets to know the families, shares Jesus with them, helps their children gain access to school and the supplies they need.   Moncy’s efforts in India will pay dividends into eternity.

Moncy needs your help to continue this amazing work.  To provide tuition, uniform, books and backpack for these children requires $175 per year. That could be the greatest missions investment you will ever make. Pray about what God would have you to do to help Moncy Daniel make a difference. You can be assured these children will be introduced to Jesus and given opportunity to serve the Lord. 

Contact RHEMA today. You can give a tax deductible gift now. You can also go with us to India and see this ministry. We will depart on August 26. Thanks!

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