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Pastor Penjarthy Rajesh is RHEMA graduate of 2009 batch. Now serving God in Andhra Pradesh as a pastor and Bible teacher.

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Pastor Penjarthy – RHEMA Graduate 2009

RHEMA graduate: Pastor Sam

Pastor Sam Daniel is graduated from Rhema in 2013. He is from Kerala but now serving God as a missionary in Jammu and Kashmir and reaching young people and children with film ministry and youth ministry. He is an evangelist and work among villagers.

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Pastor Sam – RHEMA Graduate 2013

RHEMA graduate: Pastor James

Pastor James and Janat are Rhema graduates of 2014. Pastor James is serving God in Goa with his wife while Janat in Odisha.. both are very good friends and help each other in ministry.

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Pastor James – RHEMA Graduate 2014

Pastor Mojes

Pastor Mojes is graduate of 2015 batch of RHEMA India.. he is working along with his father and planting many churches in different villages in Andhra Pradesh.

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Pastor Mojes – RHEMA Graduate 2015

Pastor Sunil

Pastor Sunil is RHEMA graduate of 2009.. He is from Kerala but serving God with his wife and daughter in interior parts of Bihar in India. Pastor Sunil and his wife together teach and equip the children’s and helps the elderly people from the villages.

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Pastor Sunil – RHEMA Graduate 2009

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Pastor Abhilash went as a missionary to the east part of India, interior parts Odisha… with his wife and only one daughter. He established 5 churches among the tribal groups.

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Pastor Abhilash – RHEMA Graduate 2013

RHEMA graduate: Pastor Umesh

Brother Umesh is graduate of Rhema in 2014 batch. He is a evangelist and work among youth and children’s.. He is from chhattisgarh but travel different places to serve God in India.

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Pastor Umesh – RHEMA Graduate 2014

Sushant Tandi

Sushant Tandi on The Lockdown

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Pastor Sushant – RHEMA Graduate 2016