Summer – Baseball and Pastor Training

Summer is here. It’s time for beaches, baseball and …. pastor training. Our RHEMA Institutes are in full gear right now India! We are so excited! Be sure to follow us on Instagram at We are at the halfway point in our pastor training programs happening now in Goa and Siliguri, India. We have a great line up of teachers who are investing in these pastors. Our dugout of Team RHEMA continues to grow

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Siliguri and Goa Classes Have Started

This week marks the start of our RHEMA Institutes in Siliguri and Goa. We started classes last week in Siliguri and started classes in Goa this week. The students are excited and they are in for tremendous time of learning, making new connections, and maturing in their pastoral readiness. The Siliguri group was immediately met with challenges this year due to the tribal conflict in Manipur. We usually get a large number of students from

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The RHEMA Team has lost a dear brother. One of our graduates, Pastor Mojes Karra, died tragically on Monday, July 13, 2020.   Pastor Mojes died suddenly from electric shock as he went outside to check on the family’s well pump that had stopped working. There was a faulty wire and motor, and when he touched it, the shock held him and continued to electrocute him. A neighbor heard him screaming and tried to help, but

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Pastor Sunil is a RHEMA graduate of 2009. He is from Kerala, but serving God with his wife and daughter in the interior parts of Bihar in India. Pastor Sunil and his wife together teach and equip the children and help the elderly people from the villages. Around 50 people gather at their home every Sunday for Pastor Sunil’s ministry.   “We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the leaders in RHEMA

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Train Pastor


RHEMA Global has been in touch with our faculty, graduates, and leaders on our India teams as the world deals with the Corona Virus pandemic. The mandated lockdown in India is the world’s largest and most aggressive lockdown, affecting 1.3 Billion people. It has devastated the poor, leaving millions starving. Although we have not been able to travel and host institutes, we have found other ways to help during this time. Supporting our Student Graduates’

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Be thankful


During this time of the year, it is easy to get wrapped up in the rush of the holidays. We celebrate our traditions by cooking nice meals with families, exchanging gifts, picking pumpkins, lighting trees, decorating everything, and praising the Lord. I need to stop for a moment before all of that holiday hustle begins to sit down and write out what I truly am so thankful for every day. Aside from the everyday gifts

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packing for a mission trip

Going on a Mission Trip? How to Pack Lighter, Smarter, and Faster

(Lessons From A Globe-Trotting Missionary) If there’s one thing that comes with the territory of ministry, it’s travel! As we get closer to the travel season, I thought it would be fun to share some of our best practices when it comes to planning for travel.  Chances are you and the family are planning some vacation or holiday trips in the next few months. Whether you’re going on a three-day business trip or preparing for

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A Successful Institute In Monrovia Liberia

We conducted our first Institute in April this year in Monrovia, Liberia.  It was a carry-over of the final four weeks of the full curriculum we started last year. Our teachers, Steve Martin and Larry Bazer, each spent two weeks teaching the students.  We provide an in depth 8-week curriculum; the same courses students would take in a full-time seminary program The 35 students came from all over Liberia, many living hundreds of miles away

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Graduation Goa and Hyderabad

Has It Really Been 24 Years?

What We’ve Learned From Our Time Serving in India, Nepal, and Other Countries Around the World This year is very special: it’s the first year without my dad, Ron Herrod, spearheading all of RHEMA’s ministry and training work in India, Nepal, and other countries around the world. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but it has been an extremely rewarding one and our missionary work here has not been in vain. One of the

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RHEMA Graduate Pastor Hegan

Walk with Pastor Hegan, a graduate of the RHEMA Insttitutes in Goa, India, as he discusses his ministry to the community of Pasco de Gama, India.  His ministries include a school, sewing classes for women, pastoring a church, and clinic ministry.  Amazing life.  Video by Joseph Herrod.    

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