By Melanie Adcock | November 13, 2019
Be thankful

During this time of the year, it is easy to get wrapped up in the rush of the holidays. We celebrate our traditions by cooking nice meals with families, exchanging gifts, picking pumpkins, lighting trees, decorating everything, and praising the Lord. I need to stop for a moment before all of that holiday hustle begins to sit down and write out what I truly am so thankful for every day. Aside from the everyday gifts […]

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Going on a Mission Trip? How to Pack Lighter, Smarter, and Faster

By Melanie Adcock | October 21, 2019
packing for a mission trip

(Lessons From A Globe-Trotting Missionary) If there’s one thing that comes with the territory of ministry, it’s travel! As we get closer to the travel season, I thought it would be fun to share some of our best practices when it comes to planning for travel.  Chances are you and the family are planning some vacation or holiday trips in the next few months. Whether you’re going on a three-day business trip or preparing for […]

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A Successful Institute In Monrovia Liberia

By Colleen Hawkins | October 1, 2019

We conducted our first Institute in April this year in Monrovia, Liberia.  It was a carry-over of the final four weeks of the full curriculum we started last year. Our teachers, Steve Martin and Larry Bazer, each spent two weeks teaching the students.  We provide an in depth 8-week curriculum; the same courses students would take in a full-time seminary program The 35 students came from all over Liberia, many living hundreds of miles away […]

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Has It Really Been 24 Years?

By Colleen Hawkins | September 24, 2019
Graduation Goa and Hyderabad

What We’ve Learned From Our Time Serving in India, Nepal, and Other Countries Around the World This year is very special: it’s the first year without my dad, Ron Herrod, spearheading all of RHEMA’s ministry and training work in India, Nepal, and other countries around the world. It hasn’t always been an easy journey, but it has been an extremely rewarding one and our missionary work here has not been in vain. One of the […]

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By Jackson Herrod | December 22, 2017
new institutes announced

Pray for our institutes as we enter a new year. Ghana, West Africa Togo, West Africa Liberia, West Africa Hyderabad, India Vijaywada, India Siliguri, India Calcutta, India Nepal, India  

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A TIME FOR TRUTH. (Proverbs 23:23)

By Jackson Herrod | October 4, 2017

WHAT “PROPHET MEADE” AND SEPTEMBER 23 SHOULD TEACH US – MATTHEW 24:36 We have just escaped another day when the world was supposed to end. This time it was September 23 and the main voice announcing this event was “prophet” and “Biblical numerologist” David Meade. Apparently many believed the prognostication of his book Planet X –the 2017 Arrival. Christian author and researcher Ed Stetzer called this prediction “an embarrassment to Christians and the faith convictions we […]

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By Jackson Herrod | September 27, 2017
natural disasters

JEREMIAH 10:10-16   EZEKAIL 13:13-14 A BIG PROBLEM I was recently in India and Nepal preaching and training pastors. Our team of ten learned that a significant number of our students could not make it to the Institutes and meetings due to massive flooding and landslides in the region. Within the past month the world including the United States has faced indescribable natural disasters including flooding, massive storms, fires, and earthquakes. Many people, including Christians are […]

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You should know

By Jackson Herrod | June 27, 2017
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Breaking News

By Jackson Herrod | June 27, 2017

R.H.E.M.A. Will launch two new Institutes in India in July; in Goa and Siliguri. A third will be launched in Damak Nepal in August. These Institutes will provide training for pastors/church planters from all over India and Nepal. More than 150 will be trained in these Institutes alone. Many of the students will attend at great risk. Please pray for their safety and for the protection of their families. Pray also for our teachers who […]

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Vision and Strategy Statement

By Jackson Herrod | March 9, 2017

                                                   R.H.E.M.A. INSTITUTE                      Mission Statement   Guiding Principles   Vision   Strategy          Romans 1:1   II Timothy 2:2   Matthew 28:19-20   Philippians 4:14-19                                                          Dr. Ron Herrod In Romans 1:1, Paul speaks of being called. My call to preach came to me as a teenager in 1958. There has never been any doubt in my heart about that call. In 1995 God’s call to begin this ministry was just as clear. So we left a very secure and […]

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