The RHEMA Team has lost a dear brother. One of our graduates, Pastor Mojes Karra, died tragically on Monday, July 13, 2020.  

Pastor Mojes died suddenly from electric shock as he went outside to check on the family’s well pump that had stopped working. There was a faulty wire and motor, and when he touched it, the shock held him and continued to electrocute him. A neighbor heard him screaming and tried to help, but there was nothing that could be done in the moment.

Pastor Mojes graduated from the 2015 class in Goa. After graduation, he successfully completed Jaison Job’s 3-year Bible College. His father is a pastor in Hyderabad and Brother Mojes was serving the Lord with his father. Together, they were ministering as pastor to several churches. We were recently blessed by Mojes when he sent a video update to their situation in India during the Covid lockdown. During this horrible time, Mojes was a source of encouragement and provision for many in his community. He was a beloved friend to his fellow RHEMA graduate brothers. 


Our graduates are amazing people. They serve where we can’t and endure hardships we will never understand. Please pray for Pastor Mojes’s family. His father will need our prayers as he pastors his churches without Mojes’ help. Mojes has three sisters and we need to pray for them. 


Please take a minute to see Pastor Mojes in his video update. 



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