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RHEMA graduates struggle to feed their own families but find ways to serve others. They have become beacons of hope. We have provided support to many of these graduates. Watch this video to learn more.
India, with a population of 1.3 billion, was required to go under strict lockdown by their government. Without any notice, millions of people living below the poverty line are left without work and way of getting food. Migrant workers had to quickly find shelter or walk hundreds of miles back to their families. Millions of people are now without food. When interviewed, one person says we are more in fear of dying from starvation than from the Corona Virus.
RHEMA Global has been able to step up and support our pastors and graduates living around India. It has always been part of our mission to encourage our student graduates and pastors to support and heal their communities in times of need. "They go where we cannot go." With travel restrictions and lockdown requirements in place, RHEMA Global needed to find a way to reach our pastors and student graduates. We were able to send funds to them to provide food and relief for thousands of people.
It isn't without the support of our partners that we are able to do so. We ask that you please continue to pray for everyone affected by Corona Virus, but especially those in India who are struggling to survive from missing their essential needs - food, water, and shelter.
If you would like to help us support those in desperate need during this time, you can donate by clicking below.


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Pastor Penjarthy Rajesh is RHEMA graduate of 2009 batch. Now serving God in Andhra Pradesh as a pastor and Bible teacher.

Pastor Penjarthy - RHEMA Graduate 2009

RHEMA graduate: Pastor Sam

Pastor Sam Daniel is graduated from Rhema in 2013. He is from Kerala but now serving God as a missionary in Jammu and Kashmir and reaching young people and children with film ministry and youth ministry. He is an evangelist and work among villagers.

Pastor Sam - RHEMA Graduate 2013

RHEMA graduate: Pastor James

Pastor James and Janat are Rhema graduates of 2014. Pastor James is serving God in Goa with his wife while Janat in Odisha.. both are very good friends and help each other in ministry.

Pastor James - RHEMA Graduate 2014

Pastor Mojes

Pastor Mojes is graduate of 2015 batch of RHEMA India.. he is working along with his father and planting many churches in different villages in Andhra Pradesh.

Pastor Mojes - RHEMA Graduate 2015

Pastor Sunil

Pastor Sunil is RHEMA graduate of 2009.. He is from Kerala but serving God with his wife and daughter in interior parts of Bihar in India. Pastor Sunil and his wife together teach and equip the children's and helps the elderly people from the villages.

Pastor Sunil - RHEMA Graduate 2009

Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 12.56.22 PM-min

Pastor Abhilash went as a missionary to the east part of India, interior parts Odisha... with his wife and only one daughter. He established 5 churches among the tribal groups.

Pastor Abhilash - RHEMA Graduate 2013

RHEMA graduate: Pastor Umesh

Brother Umesh is graduate of Rhema in 2014 batch. He is a evangelist and work among youth and children's.. He is from chhattisgarh but travel different places to serve God in India.

Pastor Umesh - RHEMA Graduate 2014

Sushant Tandi

Sushant Tandi on The Lockdown

Pastor Sushant - RHEMA Graduate 2016


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Online Advanced Lessons
Encouragement To Our Graduates
Financial Support For Our Graduates
Financial Support for our National Leaders

Just because we can’t go, doesn’t mean we can’t do. Travel bans and the Covid-19 lockdowns are keeping us from conducting our institutes in India and from finishing our institute in Liberia. We have shifted focus to our graduates and are developing online lessons to provide continuing education. Our graduates are ready for new material and our teachers are excited to add new lessons to the core curriculum through online teaching.  In addition to this we are sending as much financial help to these graduates to help them support their families and communities.

25 Years

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For 25 years we have provided core seminary curriculum to pastors around the world who would not have access to any other Bible training. We send teachers, give them the materials, provide for their food and lodging and pay the expense of their transportation for the 8-10 week short-term Bible College. Through this grass roots strategy we have trained over 10,000 pastors who have gone on to start churches, lead orphanages or lead Christian schools for children. Our graduates Go Where We Can’t and serve unreached people groups in a way no American missionary can reach. RHEMA’s approach to missions is revolutionary and is the most effective and cost-efficient way to share the message of Jesus.


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Please support us in training and supporting national pastors. Your donation is very much appreciated.


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going forward 2019

Where is Rhema Global headed?

Moving Forward 2019

RHEMA Siliguri Student Comments

Where is Rhema Global headed?

RHEMA Siliguri Student Comments

RHEMA Nepal Graduation 2019

James Blankenship

Eddie Christenberry

Chris Thomas teaches as RHEMA

Chris Thomas teaches as RHEMA Institutes in Goa and Hyderabad 2019

Chris Thomas

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