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Introducing rhema global's online video courses

With recent travel restrictions creating a new global challenge, we knew we had to do something different. Our teachers are so passionate about continuing to educate pastors around the world that they came together to create online video courses - bringing Rhema Global's Pastor Training right into your home.
Free to all Rhema Graduates!

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RHEMA Graduates Online Conference

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Beginning Monday, February 15th, Ed Lacy will be conducting a live Zoom course on The Key to Supreme Happiness and Spiritual Prosperity. Click the LEARN MORE button below to learn more about this special event. We look forward to seeing you there!
14-day Course
Live via Zoom
Translated into Hindi
Evangelist Ed Lacy
Evangelist Ed Lacy


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Online Advanced Lessons
Encouragement To Our Graduates
Financial Support For Our Graduates
Financial Support for our National Leaders

Just because we can’t go, doesn’t mean we can’t do. Travel bans and the Covid-19 lockdowns are keeping us from conducting our institutes in India and from finishing our institute in Liberia. We have shifted focus to our graduates and are developing online lessons to provide continuing education. Our graduates are ready for new material and our teachers are excited to add new lessons to the core curriculum through online teaching.  In addition to this we are sending as much financial help to these graduates to help them support their families and communities.

25 Years

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For 25 years we have provided core seminary curriculum to pastors around the world who would not have access to any other Bible training. We send teachers, give them the materials, provide for their food and lodging and pay the expense of their transportation for the 8-10 week short-term Bible College. Through this grass roots strategy we have trained over 10,000 pastors who have gone on to start churches, lead orphanages or lead Christian schools for children. Our graduates Go Where We Can’t and serve unreached people groups in a way no American missionary can reach. RHEMA’s approach to missions is revolutionary and is the most effective and cost-efficient way to share the message of Jesus.


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Please support us in training and supporting national pastors. Your donation is very much appreciated.


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going forward 2019

Where is Rhema Global headed?

Moving Forward 2019

RHEMA Siliguri Student Comments

Where is Rhema Global headed?

RHEMA Siliguri Student Comments

RHEMA Nepal Graduation 2019

James Blankenship

Eddie Christenberry

Chris Thomas teaches as RHEMA

Chris Thomas teaches as RHEMA Institutes in Goa and Hyderabad 2019

Chris Thomas

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