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During this time of the year, it is easy to get wrapped up in the rush of the holidays. We celebrate our traditions by cooking nice meals with families, exchanging gifts, picking pumpkins, lighting trees, decorating everything, and praising the Lord. I need to stop for a moment before all of that holiday hustle begins to sit down and write out what I truly am so thankful for every day. Aside from the everyday gifts God has given me such as health, family, stability, and certainly my salvation, I want to focus deeply on this ministry that my dad, Dr. Ron Herrod, started – RHEMA Global and the RHEMA Institutes. 

The past 12 months has shown me how amazing this little organization is. I’ve been humbled by the sacrifices and prayers of so many. I am tremendously thankful for being provided this opportunity to work alongside so many great Christians.  

THE 5 PILLARS I AM THANKFUL FOR THAT MAKE RHEMA GLOBAL POSSIBLE (teachers, students, supporters, churches, national leaders)


I am so grateful for our teachers that selflessly give their precious time to mentoring and guiding the students of RHEMA for several weeks at a time overseas. These men take two weeks away from their families and churches to travel half-way around the world.   They do this because of their passion for missions and desire to reach the world for Jesus. I’ve been honored to meet several of our teachers who are Indian. These men are intellectual Bible scholars and share our passion for training other pastors. The India-based teachers are able to communicate to the students in a way that balances out our American teachers. We are blessed to have such a great group of teachers.  


The students are the reason we even have RHEMA Global Pastor Training.  THEY ARE THE HEROES. They go and do what we can’t or won’t. I’ve seen these guys do amazing things with very little resources. Many of them risk their very health and safety to share the gospel and proclaim Jesus. I want to give many thanks to them for their dedication to the studies and the hard work they put into their own ministries after graduation. We’ve seen many success stories over the years and it never ceases to amaze me that this ministry has been at the beginning of those success story chapters.


We have been blessed with a solid foundation of supporters over the years. It is through your prayers and donations that we are able to accomplish this Christian mission. Without the support of each individual, church, and organization that opens their heart to RHEMA, we simply could not train and support pastors. There are not words to thank our supporters enough, but this is my attempt to tell you just how grateful RHEMA truly is for your continued support. The travel, books, food, microphones, backpacks, writing utensils, teaching equipment, and building rent are all taken care of from your generosity. These pastors would not be able to get this training without the financial gifts from our supporters.

Church Partners.

RHEMA is partnered by many churches throughout the country and we want you all to know how genuinely thankful we are for the support you provide. Often, you double as teachers and/or donors, and that type of support does not go unnoticed.  We want to advance our church partnerships in a way that can do more for our graduates. Several graduates have churches that need buildings or have need for emergency assistance from natural disaster. We believe our church partners can rally and get involved.  

National Leaders.

We are blessed by a great group of national leaders, which is a result of 25 years of this ministry. My dad envisioned building an “army” of national pastors and an army must have leaders. In India, our core team of Jaison, Ajith, and Abraham are surrounded by an amazing group of others that would be too long of a list to include here. In Liberia, our leader, Richelieu, has been a great blessing.

This is a big reminder to stop before the holiday madness and show your thanks for those who are supporting you daily. We certainly could not BE without YOU. RHEMA Global is so grateful. 

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