What We Do


The cornerstone of RHEMA Global is the RHEMA Institutes – a 10-course curriculum provided in a condensed 8-10 week session. The purpose of this training is to equip those who have been called by God to minister with formal Biblical seminary education. This is the very foundation of their calling.

Without the absolutes of Biblical truths and understanding, these leaders will not be prepared to defend against outside theologies and false doctrine. Giving them this education is critically important to secure in their minds and hearts a solid and correct foundation of Biblical truth.

The students come from very humble situations and don’t have financial resources to pay for formal education. We provide this education, food and lodging, the materials, a Bible, and other important supplies at no cost to them. Each training session usually costs $50,000; not including the expense of our teachers. The typical session can handle 40-50 students.


Upon graduating the students will go back to their villages and plant a church, start a Christian school for children or start an orphanage. They serve others as a witness to the love and message of Jesus. Most of these new leaders do not have adequate income support to cover their life expenses.

We provide support to as many of these local pastors as our budget allows. It doesn’t take much; only $200 per month goes a very long way in India and Liberia. But, this support is vital as they are shielded from local pressure to provide for their families.


There is a constant need to help these pastors on their journey. Some times they are hit with a natural disaster that renders a home or church building damaged. There are situations when they need to supply children with school uniforms or books. Sometimes our pastor graduates need Bibles to give to their village; or bicycles. We try to rally behind these challenges and allow God to provide through us. We’ve provided Bibles, uniforms, books, buildings, automobiles, bicycles. We have served with medical missions in partnership with graduates, and have sent teams to help in many ways other than teaching.

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